Issue with several bible books (multicol hag2latex[3-5])

Issue with several bible books (multicol hag2latex[3-5])

Postby skreutzer » 2013-01-05T10:52:10+00:00

If several bible books with manual adjustments are combined to one single *.tex file, all breaks of the multicol environment and page breaks should produce the exact same result as if the *.tex file would only contain the text of one single Bible book. Well, I encountered a problem if multiple multicol environments are used within the same *.tex document, where lines get placed onto the next page anyway and where even a manual \pagebreak{} doesn't have any effect. I hope that the experts at StackExchange can help out with this issue - we would be limited to generate separate PDFs for every Bible book otherwise, which would start with the last page number of the preceding PDF and which would then afterward be combined to one large result PDF.
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