Project “Free Scriptures”

Welcome to the website of “Free Scriptures”! The goal of our project is to create and to maintain a free software package consisting of tools for processing Bible texts. With the term “free software” we’re referring to the specific concept of free software licensing and the four essential freedoms associated with it, as defined by the Free Software Foundation. Please note that prices, costs and commercial use are absolutely legitimate and no problem at all – instead, we are facing artificial technical and legal restrictions in our digital age, which are only in place to support inadequate business models and sheer protectionism, causing a lot of social and practical harm in past, present and future. Therefore, all of our material and software is provided under free software licenses such as GNU Affero General Public License 3 (or any later version) or Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International, or is in public domain because of copyright expiration. This way, we ensure that everybody is technically capable of and permitted to use our material and software to the greatest extend possible, as long as the freedoms of other people are not restricted by it, including, but not limited to distribution (gratis or commercial) and modification (privately or in collaboration).

If you are interested in developing free software Bible tools, you may contribute to our public repository on GitLab. If you need any help on how to participate, feel free to contact us.

Under “Downloads” you’ll find the releases of our own software package, everything else can be found under the “Resources” section.

Questions, suggestions, ideas, criticism and participation are highly appreciated, just use our contact form or post to the discussion board (no registration required).